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Central European Group of Separation Sciences (CEGSS)

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The Central European Group for Separation Sciences (CEGSS) is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1994. CEGSS was established by a group of scientists from Central Europe dealing with chromatography and related techniques for the separation of chemical compounds at both the trace level and on a preparative scale. The initiators were Dr Dušan Berek, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava (Slovakia), Prof. Josef Marsel from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Dr. Szabolocs Nyredy, Research Institute for Medicinal Plants, Budakalasz (Hungary) and Dr. Nicola Segudovič from INA, Zagreb (Croatia). Currently, CEGSS brings together 11 countries - namely Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine - and is composed of official representatives of national chemical societies. However, the number of countries is not limited, and memberships can be extended. CEGSS manages the Steering Committee, which is elected every 5 years, which includes a president, honorary president (advisory vote), secretary and chairwomen/chairman, who are responsible for organizing the next conference.

Every year for 25 years, CEGSS has organized international conferences in its various member countries, under the name International Symposium on Separation Sciences (ISSS). This conference is mainly dedicated to students and young scientists, while particular attention is paid for consolidation of the Master-Student relationship.

The main tasks and mission of CEGSS are:

  • To deepen cooperation among separation scientists within Central European countries;
  • To extend cooperation with separation scientists from other European countries and overseas. To fulfill the above challenges, CEGSS should act as an umbrella institution for coordination and co-organization of symposia and conferences devoted to separation sciences in general and to specific areas of separation sciences in particular;
  • The rules for the meeting organization are as follows: One general meeting per year is held under the auspices of CEGSS. Organization of local or regional meetings should be concerted to prevent overlap and competition;
  • Registration fees and accommodation costs are to be kept as low as possible to allow the participation of as many young researchers as possible;
  • Special care should be taken of the young generation of separation scientists by offering support for attending symposia, conferences, etc.;
  • The activities of CEGSS, especially the organization of ISSS, are based on mutual agreement of the member societies.


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