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Optical Sensors

A section of Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220).

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Optical Sensors Section publishes original peer-reviewed papers covering all aspects of optical sensing. Both theoretical and experimental papers and comprehensive reviews are considered. This Section addresses all aspects of optical sensing, including source and detection technologies, sensing architectures, physical effects for sensing, sensor performance, sensor technology, readout techniques, lab-on-chip optical devices, processing approaches and applications, as well as actuation and control by light. These optical sensors and actuators include micro- and nano-optical devices, large devices, sensor arrays, integrated optical sensors, fiber-optic sensors, as well as several materials and technologies for a very large number of applications, including civil infrastructure, aerospace, biomedical, environmental monitoring, etc. The Section provides a platform for the publication of original and scientific research that is likely to have a large general impact and also has the aim of initiating Special Issues.

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