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Intelligent Sensors

A section of Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220).

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Intelligent sensors utilize advanced signal processing techniques, data fusion techniques, intelligent algorithms, and artificial intelligence concepts to better understand sensor data, for better integration of sensors and better feature extraction, leading to measures that can be used in smart sensing applications.

Particularly in the last decade, there have been significant advances in computing technologies in terms of increased miniaturization, computing power, learning algorithms, and the availability of big data. Such advances are relevant to enable much smarter and self-contained sensors and sensing modalities both distributed and at the edge, i.e., within the sensor.

Intelligent Sensors Types:

  • Intelligent pressure sensor
  • Intelligent force sensor; tactile sensor
  • Intelligent velocity sensor
  • Intelligent acceleration sensor
  • Intelligent flow sensor
  • Intelligent position sensor; attitude sensor; displacement sensor
  • Intelligent dimension sensor
  • Intelligent temperature sensor
  • Intelligent light sensor
  • Intelligent image sensor
  • Intelligent magnetic sensor; Intelligent voltage sensor; current sensor
  • Intelligent acoustic sensor; ultrasonic sensor
  • Intelligent gas sensor
  • Intelligent humidity sensor; moisture sensor
  • Intelligent ion sensor; pH sensor
  • Intelligent visual sensor
  • Intelligent resonator sensor
  • Intelligent physiological sensor
  • Intelligent adaptive sensor
  • Intelligent digital sensor
  • Intelligent wireless sensor
  • Intelligent integrated sensor

Sensors and Sensing Systems:

  • Sensor signal processing (sensor signal fusion or integration; signal processing in healtcare applications, remote sensing, positioning, localisation and navigation)
  • Deep learning, big data rocessing and machine learning in sensor systems (including blockchain, security and cyber secutrity algorithms and architectures)
  • Computer vision (pattern/image recognition and processing done in the camera, computer vision algotithms and application in object recognition; virtual reality/augmented reality technology)
  • Integrated circuit (CMOS circuits) for sensor signal processing (analog/digital), interface electronics for smart sensors
  • Human-robot/Machine/Computer interaction (activity/motion monitoring and feedback)
  • Artificial Intelligence; Intelligent Instrumentation; Intelligent Portable Platforms
  • Analogue filters for smart sensing applications
  • Semantic understanding of sensor data
  • Compressive sampling
  • Signal processing and intelligent sensing for internet-of-things (IoT) platforms
  • Traffic monitoring and control
  • Wireless sensor network (WSN)


  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smart city
  • Smart home/home automation
  • Smart manufacturing and Industry
  • Smart energy management/smart grids
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart health monitoring/E-health (Smart watch/Intelligent Wearable Technology)
  • Emotion recognition
  • Smart building/smart civil infrastructure

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