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Remote Sensing Image Processing

A section of Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292).

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With the recent advances of remote sensing technologies for Earth observation, many different remote sensors are collecting data with distinctive properties. The obtained data are so large and complex that analyzing them manually becomes impractical or even impossible. For example, multi-source/multi-temporal/multi-scale data are frequently delivered by remote sensors. But, if we want to explore them by hand and then obtain useful information, the workload would be overwhelming and the performance would be unsatisfactory. Therefore, processing remote sensing images effectively, in connection with physics, has been the primary concern of the remote sensing research community in recent years.

In recent decades, this area has attracted a lot of research interest, and significant progress has been made. Many advances can be seen concerning image processing techniques of enhancement, analysis and understanding from the intuitive and machine-learning level. Nevertheless, many challenges still remain in the remote sensing field which encourage new efforts and developments to better understand remote sensing images via image processing techniques.

We invite authors to submit their articles to Remote Sensing in order to improve current knowledge of the image processing technique in remote sensing. Articles addressing theories and applications based on remote sensing image processing are welcome.

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