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Ocean Remote Sensing

A section of Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292).

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Section Ocean Remote Sensing is one of thirteen Sections in MDPI’s Remote Sensing journal (ISSN 2072-4292). The main aim of the Section Ocean Remote Sensing is to introduce new observational, analytical, computational and modeling methods and understandings in marine sciences. This Section publishes original articles, letters, reviews, and communications with regard to remote sensing oceanography and related fields.


  • Remote sensing of ocean color
  • Remote sensing of sea surface temperature and salinity
  • Remote sensing of sea surface winds, waves, currents, and sea ice
  • Remote sensing of sea level
  • Remote sensing detections of hard targets (ships, oil rigs, etc.) and oil spill/seep
  • Remote sensing image segmentation and classification in coastal environment
  • Radiometer, scatterometer, altimeter, synthetic aperture radar applications in oceanography
  • LIDAR remote sensing
  • Data fusion and data assimilation
  • Dedicated ocean satellite missions
  • Operational oceanography
  • Physical, biological, chemical and geological oceanography studies using remote sensing data
  • Marine meteorological studies using remote sensing
  • Synergy of remote sensing and modelling techniques for ocean studies

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