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This section of the journal Processes focuses on all aspects of pharmaceutical processes relating to pharmaceutical manufacturing, including milling, blending, granulation, coating, tablet pressing, and filling. The section also accepts submissions on topics relating to laboratory research, such as the extraction of pharmaceutical resources, in vitro and cell-based experiments, in vivo experiments, the pursuit of mechanisms, and the use of regulation pathways for drug development. Synthetic and natural compounds can be handled for these purposes. Reviews and research articles are welcome, and will undergo the high-quality peer review process of the Processes journal. If accepted, submissions will be published rapidly online. Download Section Flyer


  • pharmaceutical synthesis
  • pharmaceutical process route design
  • pharmaceutical processing and optimization
  • basic technologies for pharmaceutical processing (supercritical fluid extraction; chromatography; membrane separation; drying technology; sterilization technology etc.)
  • novel technologies for pharmaceutical processing (genetic engineering technology; cell engineering technology; enzyme and cell immobilization techniques etc.)
  • monitoring and quality control of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes
  • modeling of pharmaceutical production
  • novel excipients in pharmaceutical processes
  • biological and biosimilar processing
  • natural and herbal remedies processing

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