Polymer Membranes and Films

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Section Information

The Section “Polymer Membranes and Films” of Polymers aims to rapidly publish contributions on the aspects of polymer science in membranes and films, as well as their applications in various fields. Our intention is to develop a platform not only for dissemination but also for debates on new, interesting results in this field with a large application potential. We encourage the submission of manuscripts that provide novel competently researched articles and reviews that report on significant advances in the field. 

The scope of the section includes, but is not limited to, the following topics: 

  • Advanced polymer membranes and films;
  • Preparation, functionalization, and characterization of polymer membranes and films;
  • Processes of polymer membranes;
  • Applications of polymer membranes and films;
  • Membrane absorption/transport/separation;
  • Membrane formation/structure;
  • Membrane fouling;
  • Membrane module/process design;
  • Advanced polymer coatings;
  • Preparation, functionalization, and characterization of polymer coatings;
  • Modeling and simulation.


responsive membrane and multifunctional membrane; polymer–inorganic composite membrane; proton exchange membrane; anion exchange membrane; polymer thin films; doped polymer films; optoelectronic structures; polymer blends films; membrane fabrication/modification; mixed matrix membranes; membrane materials; coatings

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