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Papers published in this Section are related to the responses of systems of the human body to exercise and physical activity. We encourage submissions on the effects of acute (e.g., a single bout) and chronic exercise (e.g., repeated bouts) on these systems. Although many of the papers will concern exercise under normal environmental conditions, studies on how heat, cold, and altitude stress the human body are also welcome. Furthermore, we are also interested in studies conducted on the general population, athletes, and patients, and especially in those conducted on children, adolescents, the elderly, and women. Most manuscripts are expected to report experimental results, but we also welcome reviews and case studies. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • skeletal system and exercise. 
  • muscle system and exercise. 
  • neuron system and exercise. 
  • endocrine system and exercise. 
  • pulmonary system and exercise. 
  • cardiovascular system and exercise. 
  • digestive system and exercise. 
  • renal system and exercise. 
  • reproductive system and exercise. 
  • integumentary system and exercise. 
  • immune system and exercise. 
  • macronutrients and micronutrients for physical activity. 
  • nutritional aids for performance. 
  • aerobic and anaerobic energy transfer systems. 
  • environment (temperature, humidity, and altitude). 
  • body composition. 
  • strength training. 
  • aerobic training. 
  • sex differences. 
  • age differences. 

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