Affiliated Societies

Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS)

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The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) is the UK-based professional membership body for Pharmaceutical Scientists.  APS represents individuals and organizations from the UK and around the globe in the delivery of excellence in the Pharmaceutical Science sector.

Their current membership comprises approximately 450 individual members from across the academic, industrial and regulatory fields of pharmaceutical science, including students. They have 13 focus groups in a diverse range of scientific disciplines for their members to join. Recently, APS has introduced an accreditation program for pharmaceutical sciences degrees.

Their key areas of focus are:

  1. Establishing and promoting the reputation of pharmaceutical sciences and scientists
  2. Promoting careers in the pharmaceutical sciences
  3. Furthering scientific knowledge through the development of a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem for their focus groups
  4. Recognising excellence in pharmaceutical sciences via awards and fellowship nominations

Their website provides further information on all their activities:

Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (KSPST)

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The Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (KSPST) is a professional and scholarly organization whose 1'200 members actively lead pharmaceutical research and development in academia, government, and pharma-bio industries. Since its foundation in 1971, KSPST has been dedicated to promoting excellence and advancements in pharmaceutical science and technology, thereby becoming a highly prestigious non-profit organization with global leadership.

To reinforce the global network of pharmaceutical experts and share progress in high-end science, KSPST organizes national and international conferences regularly, including the Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the KSPST. Furthermore, KSPST has an international, peer-reviewed journal, “Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation (J. Pharm. Investig.)”, which is published bimonthly and covers all aspects of pharmaceutical sciences.

Pharmaceutical Solid State Research Cluster (PSSRC)

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The PSSRC aims to initiate and foster collaborative research between its members in all areas of the pharmaceutical solid state field by forming a network with equipment and expertise for processing of pharmaceuticals with all critical unit operations and related solid state analysis, providing a discussion forum to exchange ideas and facilitate novel innovations, providing a network to exchange members of the cluster through student and staff research visits and facilitating collaborations of its members in joint academic research projects and projects with the industry.

Spanish Society of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (SEFIG)

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The Spanish Society of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (SEFIG) is a national organization that includes pharmacists and other graduates devoted to pharmaceutical R&D and pharmaceutical education related to the pharmaceutical industry, university education, and research centers or health institutions.

The aims of the society are to contribute to professional development and to promote and disseminate research and knowledge in the fields of pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology.

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