Drug Delivery and Controlled Release

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The “Drug Delivery and Controlled Release” Section of Pharmaceutics publishes pioneering research in the broad field of drug delivery and release science and their applications in human and veterinary medicine. We take a holistic approach and encourage multidisciplinarity to understand new developments in drug delivery and release. Areas of interest include mechanistic understanding of drug delivery systems underpinned by sound biological and physicochemical principles, mathematical modeling, predictive science, drug delivery systems and cellular interaction to meet the therapeutic need at hand. Both theoretical and interpretative studies, as well as applied research, are welcome. 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Delivery technologies, nanomedicine, vehicles, formulations and devices;
  • Modes of entry into the body and applications in certain diseases and disorders;
  • Application of specific drug delivery systems, or in specific disease indications;
  • Technology evaluations reviewing a particular drug delivery technology, manufacturing processes and quality control;
  • Various drug delivery strategies that have been, and are being, explored;
  • Delivery and targeting at organic, tissular, molecular, cellular, and higher levels;
  • Preclinical and clinical data related to drug delivery systems;
  • Delivery and release mechanisms;
  • Gene/vaccine/antibody delivery and release.

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