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Viruses infect all life forms, from humans, animals, and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea. Viral infections in humans can cause various outcomes, from mild to severe and lethal diseases, such as the common cold, flu, chickenpox, cold sores, rabies, Ebola, AIDS (HIV), avian flu, SARS, and certain cancers, as well as pandemics with significant death tolls on a global scale, such as the 1918 Spanish flu and COVID-19. Animals are often the natural reservoirs (hosts) or intermediate hosts for viruses that cross the species barriers to infect humans (viral zoonoses). Viral infections in animals such as livestock, companion animals, and fish can majorly impact animal and human health, economics, food safety, and ecology. Plant viruses, responsible for more than half of the emerging infectious diseases in plants, continuously threaten agricultural crops and cause significant economic losses in crop yields worldwide. Bacteriophages, a common and diverse group of viruses infecting bacteria, are the most abundant biological entity in aquatic environments and can be used to treat bacterial infections. The discovery and research of viral pathogens are essential for developing diagnostics, prevention, and treatment of various viral diseases.

The section “Viral Pathogens” welcomes contributions that include original research and review papers covering all aspects of viral pathogens and host–virus interactions.


  • viral biology (virology)
  • viral diagnostics
  • viral discovery
  • viral evolution
  • viral epidemiology
  • viral infection models
  • viral virulence
  • viral pathogenesis
  • viral oncogenesis
  • viral transmission
  • viral genomics/transcriptomics/proteomics/bioinformatics
  • virus–host interactions
  • Immune responses to viruses
  • vaccines
  • antivirals
  • antiviral therapeutics
  • emerging viruses
  • oncogenic viruses

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