Theory and Simulation of Nanostructures

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It is well known that nanostructures used in the area of nanotechnology are materials at 1–100 nm and most of them are synthetic and can be engineered to a wide range of physical properties. Nanowires, cylindrical nanotubes, quantum dots, thin films and quantum wells are common nanostructures. Nanotechnology combines materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, biochemistry, biophysics, health and environmental sciences. It is a highly interdisciplinary area, meaning that it involves ideas integrated from many traditional disciplines. The Section "Theory and Simulation of Nanostructures" publishes original theoretical and/or experimental communications, articles, and review articles in the area of the theory and simulation of nanostructures. The research of the published articles focuses on the design, development and study of electronic, optical, magnetic (etc.) properties of nanostructures, with an emphasis on their application in quantum technology, optoelectronics, photovoltaics, sensors and health sciences. All manuscripts submitted for publication in this Section will be reviewed by expert Section Editors and undergo a rigorous peer review process. Our goal is to publish high-quality, high-impact research in the area of theory and simulation of nanostructures.

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