Physical Chemistry at Nanoscale

A section of Nanomaterials (ISSN 2079-4991).

Section Information

The Physical Chemistry at Nanoscale section of the MDPI journal Nanomaterials publishes high-quality, high-impact research achievements that bring significant innovation to the study of the physicochemical properties of nanomaterials.

Concerning the topics of this Section, specific emphasis is given to nanomaterials’ surface/interface properties; theoretical, computational methods and/or advanced experimental approaches to the assessment of the physicochemical properties of nanomaterials; intermolecular interactions in complex systems envisaging nanomaterials; relationships between nanomaterials’ synthesis and their physicochemical properties; thermodynamic and kinetics studies of physicochemical processes involving nanomaterials; and the effect of the nanomaterials’ physicochemical properties on their behavior in relevant applications, including, but not limited to, heterogeneous catalysis, electrochemistry, sensing and the adsorption and storage of gases and vapors.

Manuscripts envisaging multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to the assessment of the target research question(s) are encouraged, as well as works focusing on the use of approaches with low environmental impacts to improve nanomaterials’ physicochemical properties.

This Section aims to publish original high-quality communications, articles, perspectives and reviews to guarantee the high impact of research on physical chemistry at the nanoscale. All of the manuscripts submitted for publication in this Section will be reviewed by expert Section Editors and undergo a rigorous peer-review process.

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