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The Environmental Nanoscience and Nanotechnology section of Nanomaterials MDPI journal publishes high-quality research achievements in both fundamental and applied footprint across the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology that focus on rational design of nanomaterials and processes with substantial environmental impact.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology plays nowadays a prominent role in environmental and energy science and engineering providing novel, cost-effective and robust nanomaterials (e.g., nanocatalysts and electrocatalysts, micro-meso-porous adsorbents and membranes) and solutions for the elimination of environmental pollutants, clean fuels and green chemicals production, and cyclic economy and energy technologies. This section aims to host significant advances in the aforementioned areas including, but not limited to:

Design and synthesis of nanomaterials (catalysts, adsorbents, membranes, etc.) and processes for:

  • emissions control of mobile and stationary sources: De-(NOx, HCs, VOCs, H2S, CO, soot), 
  • greenhouse gases abatement and utilization: CO2 capture and transformation to methane and renewable fuels; N2O abatement; CH4 valorization, 
  • wastes transformation to added-value products, 
  • clean energy production: H2 production and cleaning (CH4, biogas and hydrocarbons reforming, water-gas-shift reaction, preferential CO oxidation reaction, etc.); novel nanostructured electrodes and fuel cells design and applications, 
  • photo-electro-chemical waste-water treatment, CO2 conversion and air pollution control. Advanced preparation methods and approaches for the rational design and fabrication of nanostructured (up to atomic level) materials, for tailoring and fine-tuning of their critical physicochemical properties and local chemistry and for promoting active sites performance and stability in respect to the above implementations, as well as all aspects of characterization and in depth understanding structure-activity correlations are also of considerable interest for publishing in Environmental Nanoscience and Nanotechnology section of Nanomaterials MDPI journal, which will serve as a platform to stimulate and discuss the scientific research in the above highlighted topics and related fields.

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