Solar Energy and Solar Cells

A section of Nanomaterials (ISSN 2079-4991).

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The section “Solar Energy and Solar Cells” publishes original high-quality research, communications, articles, and review articles in the broad areas of solar-related materials, devices, processes, and technology as well as simulations, computational studies, and emerging machine learning applied to these research topics.

The section will consider manuscripts dealing with (i) solar cells, including, but not limited to, organic, perovskite, and quantum dot solar cells, and indoor photovoltaics, (ii) solar fuel, including photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical water splitting and CO2 reduction, and electrolysis of water and electrochemical CO2 reduction driven by solar electricity, (iii) solar energy conversion to value-added chemicals, such as solar-driven N2 fixation, (iv) solar thermal technology, such as  solar-powered water desalination systems and solar energy-absorbing systems, (v) light-manipulating systems, such as suspended particle devices and electrochromic devices, which are an important component in the smart windows and buildings of the future, (vi) solar-driven degradation of pollutants and pathogens in the environment, (vii) solar-converted energy storage, such as H2 storage, solar thermal energy storage, and solar-powered batteries, and (viii) lifecycle analysis of solar-related materials and technology. The section will consider both experimental work and computational studies involving new solar-related materials, structures, devices, and processes, such as charge carrier generation and dynamics.

All manuscripts submitted for publication under this Section will be reviewed by expert Section Editors and undergo a rigorous peer review process. Our goal is to publish high-quality, high-impact research in the areas of solar energy and solar cells.

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