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A section of Molecules (ISSN 1420-3049).

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The Nanochemistry section of Molecules publishes original research articles, communications and reviews that emphasize how chemistry can help design materials at the nanoscale for applications in areas including medicine and healthcare, electronics, the environment, optics, energy, etc. It welcomes contributions that explore pathways to control chemical reactions with atomic and molecular level precision to construct a variety of nanostructures, and help develop a fundamental understanding of this exciting but complex field of science. This section invites manuscripts from researchers that report on the following:

  • Chemical control at the atomic level, and how atomic interactions could be manipulated to design smart nanomaterials. Studies that are helping us to establish fundamental principles for carrying out atomic-scale reactions using state-of-the-art surface characterization techniques, which are essential components in the construction of nanodevices.
  • Using organic and inorganic molecules as building blocks to develop structurally well-defined supramolecular structures in solution, solid state, and on surfaces, and their detailed investigation for decoding underlying principles for applications in biology and materials science (molecular crystals, nanocrystals, liquid crystals etc.).
  • Soft nanoparticles, assemblies obtained from linear and branched polymeric systems, a detailed investigation of their properties, and exploration of their potential for biomedical applications, alternative energy sources, electronic devices etc.
  • Dendrimers, hyperbranched architectures of nanoscale dimensions with controlled architecture, and their exploration in the design of nanostructures for drug delivery, sensing, light harvesting, etc.
  • Chemical synthesis, characterization and design of nanodevices using carbon-based architectures including fullerenes, fibres and nanotubes.
  • Lab-on-chip systems: Technology for nanofabrication and its application in nanomedicine, biology, diagnostics, environment energy, and biofuels.
  • Metal nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization and exploration of their unique optical, electronic and catalytic properties, and applications in a diverse range of areas.

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