Crystallography and Physical Chemistry of Minerals & Nanominerals

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Topics in the Crystallography and Physical Chemistry of Minerals & Nanominerals Section include (but are not limited to): new minerals, methods (e.g., XRD, PDF, neutron scattering/diffraction, electron diffraction, and atomic resolution imaging techniques) for solving structures and microstructures of minerals and nanominerals, behaviors of impurity and trace metals in minerals, phase transformations and mineral defects, modulated structures and aperiodic structures, minerals under dynamic and extreme environments (including super planet environment), size-dependent and shape-dependent physical properties and chemical reactivity of nanominerals and nanoparticles, semiconductor and piezoelectric minerals in geological systems, catalytic roles of minerals and nanoparticles in the Earth’s environment, mineral nucleation and crystallization processes, surface adsorption and mineral–fluid interactions, mineral–microbe interactions, evolution of minerals, and minerals in carbon cycles.


  • Mineral
  • Mineralogy
  • Crystallography
  • Nanomineral
  • Nanoparticle
  • Crystal structure
  • Mineral deformation
  • Microstructure
  • Mineral defect
  • Phase transformation
  • Modulated structure
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Pair distribution function
  • Neutron scattering
  • Electron diffraction
  • TEM
  • AFM
  • Mineral–water interaction
  • Mineral–microbe interaction
  • Adsorption
  • Mineral evolution
  • Super planet

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