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Diseases affecting livestock can result in major economic losses but are also sources of zoonotic infections in animal handlers and the general public from the consumption of animal food products. On the global scale, the pig, cattle, sheep, poultry, and aquaculture industries experience great losses as a result of microbial infections, and these infections, some of which are zoonotic, also have deleterious effects on wild animal species.

Companion animals exchange components of their microbial flora and their antimicrobial resistance genes with their owners. We live in a One Health age where, in a shrinking world, more and more contact is occurring between wild animals, livestock, and humans, resulting in the transfer of many pathogens, some of which can have global consequences. This relationship also means that many diseases affecting humans and animals must be tackled on a “One Health” basis.

The "Veterinary Microbiology Section" of Microorganisms accepts manuscripts, namely original research and review articles, covering basic and applied areas of veterinary microbiology, microbial infections, and antimicrobial resistance. Articles that are outside the scope of the listed topics may be referred to another section of Microorganisms upon submission.

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