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This section of Metals covers the broad field of metal production and focuses on a deeper understanding of the routes and mechanisms for the extraction of metals from primary raw materials (concentrates, mining and mineral processing waste) and the recovery of metals from secondary raw materials (scrap, end-of-life products, industrial waste, intermediates) through recycling. The section also covers not only processes based on reaction chemistries but also processes from the field of special metallurgy, e.g., physical refining.

The field of process metallurgy and metal recycling incorporates all metals in our periodic system and extends them to the full broadness of engineering subjects for all unit operations based on wet-chemical (hydrometallurgy) and high-temperature chemistry (pyrometallurgy). Protective gas and vacuum technologies are used to produce high-purity metals and smart materials. On the other hand, low-cost technologies must be employed for the selective and economic recovery of metals from scrap residues. Reflecting on global resource conservation, energy consumption and prevention as well as follow-up environment protection technologies are significant preconditions for the development of all materials’ flow analyses and ecobalances for metallurgical processes and their products.

Contributions on the modelling and simulation of extraction processes are welcome. Papers may present experimental or theoretical studies and should focus on both the "metal-containing material flow" and the "process technology". Research on optimizing process chains and minimizing new waste generation in order to safeguard the plobal challenge fulfilling the circular economy goals is addressed in this section. All submitted contributions are subject to a strict peer review process and the decision on publication is always based on the recommendations of independent experts.

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