Entropic Alloys and Meta-Metals

A section of Metals (ISSN 2075-4701).

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This Section of Metals covers the field of transition and rare metal extraction, purification, deformation, physical and mechanical behaviors, characterization, shaping, modeling, materials design, and medium and high entropy alloys. The “Entropic Alloys and Meta-Metals” Section of Metals aims to foster a better understanding of microstructural design and control, including the opportunities that the nanoscale field offers, allowing competition with other forming technologies in the development of high-performance materials for applications where extreme conditions are expected. High-entropy or strong-entropy materials containing transition metals and rare metals are considered, as well as metal matrix composites, hard metals, and tailored microstructural materials. Full-density metals, porous metals, foams, powders (0-D), fibers (1-D), films and coatings (2-D), and bulk (3-D) metal-containing materials are also considered.

The Section will cover any technology that can produce and tailor metallic alloys (including atomizing, mechanical alloying, granulation or agglomeration techniques, chemical processes, etc.), conventional powder metallurgy technologies, such as press and sintering, special methods of assisted sintering (liquid phase sintering, microwave sintering, field assisted sintering), metal injection molding, and technologies that provide full-density materials (hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, powder extrusion, sinter forging, etc.). Technologies related to 0-D, 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D metals and alloys and metal-containing materials will also be covered in the Section.

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