Pharmacology and Drug Metabolism

A section of Metabolites (ISSN 2218-1989).

Section Information

This section of Metabolites is focused on the change in and/or occurrence of small molecule metabolites in in vitro and in vivo systems triggered by drugs and other xenobiotics. This ranges from classic metabolism studied in new compounds to new and emerging tools as well as toxicometabolomics studies, which investigate the fate of the foreign compounds as well as changes in endogenous molecules.

The section “Pharmacology and Drug Metabolism“ in Metabolites is focused on but not limited to:

  • Toxicometabolomics (e.g., metabolism of xenobiotics besides answering related metabolomics questions);
  • Biomarkers of xenobiotics exposure (e.g., metabolomics to allow for tracing an intake);
  • Detailed characterization of xenobiotics metabolism in biofluids and tissues;
  • Effect of endogenous microorganisms on biotransformation (e.g., influence of human microbiome on drug metabolism;
  • Fate of xenobiotics in wastewater (e.g., impact of microorganisms on survival rate);
  • Emerging tools in metabolomics and applied mass spectrometry (e.g., in drug metabolism);
  • Drug–drug interactions or drug–food interactions on the metabolism of drugs and, in consequence, on therapeutic management;
  • Adverse drug reactions in polypharmacy patients and related management (e.g., PGx-based guiding);
  • New developments in toxicokinetics/pharmacokinetics;
  • Metabolism and toxicity of compounds released from packaging materials (toxicokinetics and biomonitoring).

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