Cell Metabolism 260 Articles

Prof. Dr. James McCullagh  

Lipid Metabolism 241 Articles

Nutrition and Metabolism 329 Articles

Dr. Cholsoon Jang  

Integrative Metabolomics 235 Articles

Dr. Reza Salek  

Pharmacology and Drug Metabolism 170 Articles

Dr. Sarah Wille  

Microbiology and Ecological Metabolomics 161 Articles

Prof. Dr. Philippe Soucaille  

Plant Metabolism 518 Articles

Prof. Dr. Hirokazu Kawagishi  

Food Metabolomics 125 Articles

Animal Metabolism 225 Articles

Prof. Dr. Chi Chen  

Environmental Metabolomics 123 Articles

Dr. David J. Beale  

Metabolomic Profiling Technology 279 Articles

Dr. Thusitha W. Rupasinghe  

Bioinformatics and Data Analysis 224 Articles

Dr. Hunter N. B. Moseley  

Endocrinology and Clinical Metabolic Research 840 Articles

Dr. Amedeo Lonardo  
Prof. Dr. Maciej Banach  

Advances in Metabolomics 460 Articles

Dr. Leonardo Tenori  

Thematic Reviews 13 Articles

General 658 Articles

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