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16–18 October 2024 IECN2024: The 4th International Electronic Conference on Nutrients—Plant-Based Nutrition Focusing on Innovation, Health, and Sustainable Food Systems


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to this virtual online conference, an exclusive meeting dedicated to the latest developments in scientific research in the field of nutrient research, with a focus on innovations for health and sustainability. This conference aims to serve as a multidisciplinary platform for the exploration of innovative research and advancements in nutrient science. Emphasizing both macro- and micronutrients, the conference will delve into novel methodologies for nutrient extraction, bioavailability, and functional food development. Analytical techniques such as metabolomics, proteomics, and nutrient profiling will be discussed in the context of their application to food safety and quality. As the global search for healthier and more sustainable diets intensifies, the role of nutrients and lifestyle modification are at the forefront. For a healthier and more sustainable diet, it is clear that most people will need to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet. Moreover, as we strive to feed a growing world population, the role of plant-based foods becomes increasingly critical. The aim is to explore the effectiveness of using plant-based nutrition as a primary approach in preventing, suspending, and even reversing chronic diseases. Furthermore, the conference aims to foster dialogue on the critical intersections between nutrient science, public health, and sustainable food systems. Our collective goal is to challenge existing scientific paradigms, broaden the scope of research, and contribute to an integrated approach where innovation, health, and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

The topics of this conference include:
S1. Plant-Based Diets: Health and Well-being
S2. Innovation in Dietary Choices
S3. Diet and Chronic Disease Management
S4. Global Nutrition Trends: Shaping Health and Athletic Performance
S5. Behavioral Approaches to Healthier Eating
S6. Nutrition Across the Lifespan

I extend my warmest welcome to you, esteemed scholars and experts, as participants of this virtual online conference. Together, we will embark on a journey into the diverse world of plant-based nutrition, sharing knowledge and discoveries that will shape the future of food systems for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

Best wishes,
Mauro Lombardo

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (2)

25–26 April 2024 5th Annual Canadian Metabolomics Conference

Vancouver, BC, Canada

The 5th Canadian Metabolomics Conference (CanMetCon) 2024 will be held at Jack Poole Hall, the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, on April 25th–26th. This year’s conference is themed, “Integrating Metabolomics with Other Omics”, co-hosted by TMIC and the UBC Department of Chemistry.

Our proposed program on Day 1 will feature plenary talks delivered by esteemed Canadian and international experts, including Dr. Fiona Brinkman, a distinguished professor from Simon Fraser University and deputy at Coronavirus Variants Rapid Response Network. Presenting “Integrating Omics Data to Benefit Communities”, Dr. James Heath, the president of the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) in Seattle, will provide his insight into cancer immunotherapy. Dr. Leonard Foster from the University of British Columbia will present insights into the pathology of acute spinal cord injury, and presentations by all nine Principal Investigators (PIs) affiliated with TMIC. Day 2 is dedicated to applications of metabolomics integrated with other omics, focusing on Biological and Cellular Systems, Omics in Clinical Studies and Biomarker Discovery, Agricultural and Nutritional Applications, and Public Health and the Epigenome. This day will feature keynote talks from domain experts and oral presentations from the broader omics community, ensuring a dynamic and diverse array of perspectives to share with the attendees.

Your registration fee includes a welcome reception on April 25, breakfast and lunch on April 25–26, and light refreshments during morning and afternoon coffee breaks. See you in Vancouver!

3–5 June 2024 2024 Metabolomics Analysis

Montréal, QC, Canada

The Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops are pleased to announce that the popular Metabolomics Analysis workshop will be held in both Edmonton and Montréal on June 3–5, 2024!

Metabolomics Analysis will help researchers to characterize small molecules and metabolites using high-throughput tech via a workshop that covers topics such as important metabolomics technologies and data collection and analysis. The workshop will help researchers to utilize pathway databases, perform pathway analyses, examine univariate and multivariate statistics, work with metabolomic databases and explore chemical databases through hands-on practical tutorials that use various data sets and tools to assist participants in learning metabolomics analysis techniques.

Registration is $695 CAD for applications received by April 3rd and $895 CAD for applications received by June 22nd. Participants have their choice of attending in either Montréal or Edmonton; TAs and a professor will be available at each site.

Learn more and apply at

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