Membrane Surfaces and Interfaces

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This Section “Membrane Surfaces and Interfaces” of Membranes aims to publish original research contributions and critical reviews on fundamental principles and applications related to membrane surfaces and interfaces. The main topics include (but are not limited to):

Synthesis and/or modification of organic/inorganic/hybrid membrane surfaces and interfaces (including self-assembly, coatings, functionalization, host-guest recognition, composites, incorporation of 1D/2D materials etc.) for advanced separation and/or reaction;

Theoretical modelling and analytical characterization of membrane surfaces and interfaces, with focus on the interconnection among morphological and physical-chemical properties, surface-molecular interactions and adsorption/transport/reaction phenomena (including fouling);

Ion-selective membranes (including Ion Exchange Membranes, Mixed Ionic Electronic Conducting Membranes etc.) and related interfacial electrochemical phenomena for energy conversion and storage, electro-separation and sensors.

Advanced membrane surfaces and/or interfaces for energy, water, environmental, catalysis, biological and biomedical applications.


  • membrane synthesis and surface modification
  • membrane surface chemistry
  • membrane surface topology
  • membrane surface characterization
  • transport phenomena at membrane interfaces
  • polarization phenomena
  • fouling
  • ion-selective membranes
  • electrochemical phenomena at membrane interfaces
  • sensing membranes

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