Membrane Physics and Theory

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This Section is devoted to theoretical analyses of membrane and membrane processes. Analyses at all length scales, from the molecular to the macroscopic, are within the scope of this Section. Different theoretical approaches are considered: modeling, simulation, calculation, artificial intelligence, etc. Work is sought for all types of membranes and membrane processes, ranging from inorganic to biological membranes, gas–liquid separations, pressure to electrically driven processes, and energy production.

The topics of the Section are as follows:

  • Artificial intelligence in the optimization of membranes and membrane processes;
  • Biomembranes, model membranes, and membrane domains;
  • Classical-based molecular simulations;
  • Colloidal interactions;
  • Combined reaction and electrodiffusion systems;
  • Competitive and carrier-assisted ion transport, transport of mono- and multivalent ions;
  • Concentration polarization and coupled phenomena;
  • Diffusion in membranes: theory and experiments;
  • Electrical double layers;
  • Electrokinetic phenomena;
  • Liquid and gas transport;
  • Ion and molecular sorption: equilibrium and kinetics;
  • Mechanical and thermal properties;
  • Membrane composition–structure–properties relationships;
  • Membrane potential;
  • Membrane quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, and Monte Carlo simulation;
  • Membrane–solution interface phenomena;
  • Modeling fouling phenomena;
  • Modeling involving neural differential equations;
  • Modeling membrane structure;
  • Modeling pH effects;
  • Multiscale models;
  • Overlimiting current phenomena;
  • Cell membrane physics: biophysics and bioelectrochemical systems;
  • Statistical analysis of membrane data;
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics;
  • Water splitting and electroconvection.

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