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“Psychiatry” is a discipline of the medical area focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders. Indeed, mental disorders remain among the top ten leading causes of burden worldwide, and there has been no evidence of a global reduction in their burden since 1990. This points to a crucial role of clinical and translational research in the identification of the determinants of risk that can be targeted by preventive strategies to modify the developmental trajectories of psychiatric disorders.

This can be exerted through the implementation of personalized approaches. In this regard, psychiatry is a perfect testament of the potential of a personalized clinical approach, since its foundations are based on descriptive psychopathology and phenomenology, which in turn originate from the accurate analysis and understanding of the internal abnormal processes of an individual.

The aim of this Section is to promote the dissemination of methodologically solid and clinically significant research on the prevention of mental disorders, epidemiological aspects, socioeconomic burden, neurobiology, neuroimaging, including the integration of omics data, and ethical aspects.


  • mood disorders
  • prevention
  • psychotic disorders
  • pharmacogenetics/genomics
  • treatment resistance
  • suicide
  • schizophrenia
  • psychopathology

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