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The Section “Pediatrics” covers all pediatric subspecialties in connection with the care of children and adolescents. Pediatrics also welcomes articles dealing with surgical, pediatric orthopedic, pediatric anesthesiologic, pediatric pharmacologic, pediatric neurosurgical, pediatric maxillofacial, pediatric gynecologic, pediatric ear–nose–throat (ENT), and pediatric psychiatric topics. In addition, Pediatrics is devoted to publishing research articles dealing with dentistry, medical education, human genetics, nutrition, public health, psychology, and sociology. Moreover, we invite authors to submit manuscripts in connection with rare diseases, preventive medicine, nursing practice, and ethical issues in the treatment of children.

We encourage authors from all parts of the world to share their findings with the readership of the Pediatric Section of Medicina. We welcome all types of scientific manuscripts, including papers on basic sciences and clinical investigations, epidemiologic studies, meta-analyses, and case reports.

Pediatrics not only publishes original research concerning advanced diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children and adolescents but also welcomes articles primarily aiming to sustain the health of children.

Pediatrics is an open access journal with a short publication time. We look forward to receiving articles contributing to the advances in pediatric and adolescent medicine.


  • pediatrics
  • pediatric ultrasonography
  • pediatric oncology
  • pediatric and adolescent gynecology
  • adolescent medicine
  • disorders of sexual development
  • pediatric epidemiology
  • pediatric pharmacology
  • pediatric research
  • pediatric pulmonology
  • pediatric endocrinology
  • pediatric intensive care
  • pediatric orthopedics
  • pediatric surgery
  • pediatric minimal invasive surgery
  • pediatric ear–nose–throat diseases
  • pediatric anesthesiology
  • pediatric cardiology
  • pediatric emergency medicine
  • pediatric gastroenterology
  • neonatology
  • pediatric radiology
  • pediatric imaging
  • pediatric neurosurgery
  • pediatric neurology
  • child development
  • pediatric psychiatry
  • child abuse
  • non-accidental injury in children
  • pediatric psychology
  • pediatric pain care
  • pediatric nursing
  • pediatric nutrition
  • pediatric dermatology
  • pediatric resuscitation
  • pediatric infective diseases
  • pediatric rheumatology
  • pediatric immunology
  • pediatric trauma care
  • pediatric orthopedics
  • pediatric hand surgery
  • pediatric plastic surgery
  • pediatric maxillofacial surgery
  • rare diseases
  • pediatric ophthalmology
  • pediatric pathology
  • pediatric sports medicine
  • pediatric endoscopy
  • pediatric urology
  • pediatric cardiothoracic surgery
  • pediatric transplantation

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