Emergency Medicine 193 Articles

Dr. Roberto Cirocchi  

Gastroenterology & Hepatology 326 Articles

Dr. Vishal G. Shelat  

Obstetrics and Gynecology 413 Articles

Prof. Dr. Simone Ferrero  

Dentistry 438 Articles

Translational Medicine 44 Articles

Prof. Dr. Salvatore Di Somma  

Infectious Disease 254 Articles

Oncology 424 Articles

Dr. Konstantinos Dimas  

Pediatrics 93 Articles

Hematology and Immunology 128 Articles

Prof. Dr. Udo Jeschke  

Sports Medicine and Sports Traumatology 203 Articles

Dr. Jose Antonio de Paz  

Intensive Care/ Anesthesiology 208 Articles

Dr. Edward A. Bittner  

Epidemiology & Public Health 266 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jimmy T. Efird  

Pharmacology 87 Articles

Surgery 483 Articles

Prof. Dr. Ẑilvinas Dambrauskas  

Genetics and Molecular Medicine 62 Articles

Neurology 304 Articles

Dr. Allison B. Reiss  

Psychiatry 124 Articles

Prof. Dr. Mirko Manchia  

Cardiology 426 Articles

Dr. Ignatios Ikonomidis  

Pulmonary 173 Articles

Dr. Stefanie Krick  

Endocrinology 226 Articles

Prof. Dr. Manfredi Rizzo  

Urology & Nephrology 167 Articles

Prof. Dr. Davide Bolignano  

Ophthalmology 183 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jack V. Greiner  

Dermatology 132 Articles

Orthopedics 130 Articles

Prof. Dr. Vassilios S. Nikolaou  

General 3216 Articles

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