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Metals and Alloys

A section of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944).

Section Information

Metals and Alloys aims to provide an international peer-reviewed medium for dissemination and active discussion of the latest and most important advances in the field of metals and alloy science, as well as advances in engineering technology and innovative applications. Experimental and theoretical approaches to solve materials problems require novel scientific disciplines based on traditional disciplines. Those reports on the simulation of metals and alloys science can only be accepted if the results have already been validated by experiments or a dedicated application. All submitted contributions are subject to a strict peer review process and the final decision on publication should be made based on the recommendations of independent experts.

Metals and Alloys welcomes the submission of high-quality research on various aspects of the metals and alloys science field. Papers submitted for publication should contain new experimental or theoretical results and their interpretation. Design, modelling and simulation, processing, and characterization techniques of metals and alloys are welcome, in particular, the relationship of advanced manufacturing processing–microstructures properties of metals and alloys.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Innovative design and processing of metals and alloys
  • All aspects of metals and alloys, including general physics and chemistry, structure-property relationships, electrical, magnetic and thermal properties, mechanical properties and fracture behaviour
  • Modelling and simulation of metals and alloys (from atomistic to micro- and macro-scale, e.g. first principle calculations, cellular automaton, crystal plasticity finite element method, finite element method, molecular dynamics, etc.)
  • Bulk, thick and thin films, nanostructured metals and alloys
  • Advanced forming processing, including liquid forming, semi-solid forming, and solid forming
  • Advanced manufacturing technology, including forging, extrusion, rolling, spinning and some other advanced technologies
  • Innovative applications of metals and alloys

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