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A section of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944).

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This Section of Materials covers the broad field of “Biomaterials”, understood as materials for applications in contact with the human body in the biomedical field, including materials in medicine, medical devices, biosensors, implants, scaffolds for tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, as well as antibacterial and dental materials. All material classes are considered, including metals, ceramics, polymers, and their composites, both synthetic (man-made) materials and those of natural origin, e.g., materials derived from the animal and the vegetable kingdoms. The section covers all aspects of the biomaterials field with a highly interdisciplinary scope, from the synthesis, processing, characterization, and testing to the biomedical applications of biomaterials. Topics of interest for this section include but are not limited to: materials for implants and prosthetic devices (orthopedic, cardiovascular, and other applications), bioactive and cell instructive materials, nanostructured biomaterials and nanoparticles, scaffolds for tissue engineering, biomedical coatings and antibacterial surfaces, materials for drug delivery carriers, tissue/biomaterial interfaces, and studies on clinical applications of biomaterials.

Papers covering recent scientific progress in the field of biomedical materials as well as review papers of relevance in the field and articles addressing new challenges in this highly interdisciplinary field are welcome.

Of special interest are papers that present the interaction of biomaterials and the biological environment, e.g., cell biology (in vitro) studies on biomaterials, microbiology interactions with materials (e.g., antibacterial materials), as well as in vivo studies that take the field closer to translation to clinical applications. Papers can present experimental or theoretical studies and should focus both on the “material” and on the “bio” component of biomaterials. All submitted papers are subject to a rigorous peer-review process, and decision regarding publication is always based on the recommendations of independent referees.

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