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Advanced and Functional Ceramics and Glasses

A section of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944).

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Advanced and Functional Ceramics and Glasses exhibit an exceptional versatility in terms of composition, structure, and related properties, thus being suitable for taking part in countless applications of human life. This section “Advanced and Functional Ceramics and Glasses” publishes papers dealing with the design, synthesis, manufacturing, characterization, modeling, and applications of all types of ceramics and Glasses, such as single-crystal and polycrystalline ceramics, amorphous ceramics (glasses), partially-crystalline ceramics (glass-ceramics), nanoceramics, as well as composites based on or containing the mentioned materials. Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

Processing: powder preparation; colloidal science; novel forming and sintering technologies; additive manufacturing; patterning, templates, and self-assembly; large scale/complicated shape processing; hybrid processes, co-firing of metals and ceramics; production of composites.

Properties: mechanical; electrochemical; electrical; ferroelectric; thermal; thermoelectric; optical; photoelectric; magnetic; interfacial; transport; thermodynamic; biocompatible; bioactive.

Theory and Simulation: defects; diffusion; phase transformation; phase equilibrium; thermodynamics; kinetics, chemical, thermal stability of ceramics; sintering modeling; micromechanical modeling.

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