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31 March 2023
Materials | 2023 Editor’s Choice Articles in the Section “Polymeric Materials”

Materials (ISSN: 1996-1944) has launched the Section “Polymeric Materials”. We are pleased to present the 2023 Editor’s Choice Articles, a carefully curated list of high-quality articles from the Section “Polymeric Materials” listed below:

“Smart PEG-Block-PLA/PLA Nanosystems: Impact of the Characteristics of the Polymer Blend on the Redox Responsiveness”
by Louise Van Gheluwe, Stephanie David, Eric Buchy, Igor Chourpa and Emilie Munnier
Materials 2023, 16(2), 539;
Available online:

“Polymer and Composite Materials in Two-Phase Passive Thermal Management Systems: A Review”
by Ali Ahmed Alqahtani and Volfango Bertola
Materials 2023, 16(3), 893;
Available online:

“Effect of Polydopamine Coating of Cellulose Nanocrystals on Performance of PCL/PLA Bio-Nanocomposites”
by Ivan Kelnar, Ludmila Kaprálková, Sabina Krejčíková, Jiří Dybal, Michaela Vyroubalová and A. M. Abdel-Mohsen
Materials 2023, 16(3), 1087;
Available online:

“Epoxy and Bio-Based Epoxy Carbon Fiber Twill Composites: Comparison of the Quasi-Static Properties”
by Carlo Boursier Niutta, Raffaele Ciardiello, Andrea Tridello and Davide S. Paolino
Materials 2023, 16(4), 1601;
Available online:

“Properties and Emissions of Three-Layer Particleboards Manufactured with Mixtures of Wood Chips and Partially Liquefied Bark”
by Wen Jiang, Stergios Adamopoulos, Reza Hosseinpourpia, Thomas Walther and Sergej Medved
Materials 2023, 16(5), 1855;
Available online:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the research groups that submitted to Materials. We would appreciate it if you could circulate this document among your colleagues and network. Furthermore, the following opportunities for collaboration may be of interest:

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