Reviewer Board

Members of the reviewer board are selected from all Marine Drugs reviewers for regularly providing timely high quality reports on submitted manuscripts. Responsibilities of reviewers are available here.


Life Sciences Department, University of Nantes, Nantes, France
Interests: cancer research; cell biology; macroalga; diatom; phycocyanin and phycoerythrin pigments; proteomics

Department of Marine Biotechnology, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Napoli, Italy
Interests: chemistry and biosynthesis of marine natural products; genome mining; NMR; mass spectrometry; anticancer drugs; cancer cell metabolism; drug discovery; quorum sensing; quorum quenching

LEMAR UMR 6539 UBO CNRS Ifremer IRD, European Institute of Marine Studies (IUEM), Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO), Technopôle Brest-Iroise, Rue Dumont d'Urville, Plouzané 29280, France
Interests: marines plants (seaweed and angiosperms) and their importance related to various marine ecosystems; ecophysiology, biochemistry and analysis of marines plants and the adaptations to abiotic and biotics stresses; marines plants invasives (seaweed) and the problem of conservation
Department of Life Science and Biochemical Engineering, Sun Moon University, Republic of Korea
Interests: antibiotics; anticancer agents; drug discovery and development; natural product bio synthetic pathways; synthetic biology; genetic engineering; nanopartciles
Marine Biotechnology Department, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Napoli, Italy
Interests: diatoms; microalgae; pharmacological and nutraceutical activity

Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy
Interests: microbial glycans structure/activity relationship; lipopolysaccharides; innate and adaptive immunity; structural characterization of glycans and glyco-conjugates from several sources

Instituto Universitario de Bio-Orgánica Antonio González (IUBO AG), Centro de Investigaciones Biomédicas de Canarias (CIBICAN), Universidad de La Laguna (ULL), Avda. Astrofísico F. Sánchez, 2, 38206 La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
Interests: marine natural products; marine microbial compounds; bioassay-guided isolation; nmr structural analysis

Department of Biomaterials and Composites, AGH University of Science and Technology, 30-059 Kraków, Poland
Interests: biomaterials; polymers; polymer composites; hydrogels; polysaccharides; tissue engineering

Instituto de Química Orgánica (IQOG) del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Juan de la Cierva, Madrid, Spain
Interests: selenium; anticancer research; antibacterial activity; cancer multidrug resistance; bacterial multidrug resistance; efflux pumps; medicinal chemistry; organic synthesis; selenium chemistry; antifungal activity; antibiotics; biofilms; selenium nanoparticles

Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA
Interests: nuclear magnetic resonance; molecular dynamics; biophysics; natural products; structural biology

Institute of Electronic and Sensor materials, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Gustav-Zeuner Str. 3, 09599 Freiberg, Germany
Interests: biomaterials, chitin; chitosan; collagen, spongin; biominerals; bromotyrosines; sponges; biomimetics; tissue engineering
Institute of Aquaculture "Torre de la Sal" (IATS-CSIC) Torre de la Sal, s/n 12595, Ribera de Cabanes (Castellón) Spain
Interests: antimicrobial peptides; antivirals; virus; Interferon; autophagy; nanofibers; antimicrobials; Polymeric Nanomaterials
Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Galicia, Edificio EGAP, Rúa Madrid, No. 2-4, 15707 Santiago de Compostela, (A Coruña), Spain
Interests: apiculture; invasive vespa velutina var nigrithorax (lepelletier, 1835) asian hornet; bee products; invasion science; Vespa velutina; molecularly imprinting polymers (MIPs); food safety

Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Vigo, Campus Ourense, As Lagoas, 32004 Ourense, Spain
Interests: seaweeds; brown seaweeds; fucoidan; polymerisation; material characterisation; nanotechnology; nanoparticles; antitumoral activity; antioxidant activity
Ccmar, University of Algarve
Interests: drug delivery; nanomedicine; protein delivery; protein characterization; freeze-drying; biopharmaceutical; tissue engineering; wound healing; biomaterials; translational medicine

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Milan, Milan, Italy
Interests: medicinal chemistry; chemical biology; antimicrobial; disinfectants; surfactants
University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), A.Deusinglaan 1, 9713 AV, Groningen, The Netherlands
Interests: microbiome; inflammatory bowel disease; machine learning; genetics; genome assembly; microbiology; natural products; drug design; toxins; evolutionary biology

Department of Biology and Evolution of Marine Organisms, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Villa Comunale, 80121 Naples, Italy
Interests: reproduction; fertilization; gamete quality; reproductive toxicology; marine contaminants
Algal Biotechnology Group, University of Huelva and Marine International Campus of Excellence (CEIMAR), CIDERTA and Faculty of Sciences, Huelva 21071, Spain
Interests: marine and benthic microorganisms; myxobacteria; metagenomics; microbial natural products; estuarine natural products; microbial ecology; bioassays and screenings; biotechnology; fermentations; bacteriology; infection research; host-microbial interactions
1. Department of Microbial Natural Products, Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS), Saarbruecken, Germany
2. German Center for Infection Research (DZIF), Partner site Hannover-Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany
Interests: marine and benthic microorganisms; myxobacteria; metagenomics; Microbial Natural Products; estuarine natural products; Microbial Ecology; bioassays and screenings; biotechnology; fermentations; bacteriology; Infection Research; host-microbial interactions
Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste, 34127 Trieste, Italy
Interests: bivalves; antimicrobial peptides; immunity; defense peptides; molecular evolution

Miguel Servet Unversity Hospital. IIS Aragon. Zaragoza (Spain)
Interests: dermatology; photoprotection; skin cancer; photodermatology

Laboratory of Plankton and Shellfish toxicity, Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, 21000 Split, Croatia
Interests: phytoplankton ecology; taxonomy

IMB Centre for Pain Research, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia
Interests: animal venoms; peptide chemistry; bioactivities of marine natural products; cone snail evolution; venom transcriptomics and proteomics
University of Kentucky, Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences Healthy Kentucky Research Building (HKRB), Office 221 760 Press Avenue Lexington, KY 40508, USA
Interests: bilirubin; heme oxygenase; nuclear receptors; fatty liver; obesity

​Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
Interests: antiinflammation; antioxidant; cell culture; spectroscopy; marine algae; bioactivity; medicinal chemistry; natural product chemistry; marine bio-resource technology; metabolites

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Interests: drug delivery; polymeric micelles; paclitaxel; filomicelles; PLA/PEG

Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, USA
Interests: chitosan; biopolymers; biofilm; local drug delivery; infection; orthopaedics; wound healing

Department of Material Science and Metallurgy Engineering and Inorganic Chemistry, Universidad de Cadiz, Cadiz, Spain
Interests: organometallic chemistry; inorganic chemistry; homogeneous catalysis; organic synthesis; nmr spectroscopy; venomics; marine drugs; marine toxins; systematics (taxonomy)

Biomedical Engineering, Marine-Integrated Bionics R&D Center, Fisheries-Integrated Biomedical Materials R&D Center, College of Engineering Pukyong National University Busan 608-737, Republic of Korea
Interests: biomedical devices; biomaterials; marine natural products; biocompatibility; bioactivities
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