Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry of Marine Natural Products

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Marine natural products are generally isolated in small amounts, which are often inadequate for extensive drug screening and, sometimes, even for their full structure characterization. Moreover, unaltered natural molecules generally possess suboptimal pharmacological properties. The potential of bioactive marine natural products (hits) in leads generation and optimization relies heavily on the design and implementation of synthetic strategies, studies, and methodologies, also combined with extensive use of computational tools.

This section of Marine Drugs is devoted to the publication of original research articles, reviews and communications reporting on synthetic aspects, which may range from chemical reactions-assisted structural elucidation to the green production of bioactive marine metabolites and analogues, that can facilitate the development of new leads from the sea for drug discovery.


  • Total synthesis or semisynthesis of bioactive marine metabolites and related structures
  • Marine natural products synthesis in medicinal chemistry
  • Biomimetic synthesis of marine natural products and analogues
  • Mutasynthetic production of bioactive marine natural products analogues
  • Green methodologies/reactions for production of marine metabolites and analogues
  • Chemical reactions-assisted structural elucidation of bioactive marine metabolites
  • Structural confirmation/revision by synthesis/chemical manipulation of bioactive marine metabolites and analogues
  • Rational design of chemical libraries inspired by marine natural products for SAR studies
  • Characterization of Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR) in marine natural products
  • In silico prediction of drug-like parameters of bioactive marine metabolites and molecular modelling studies for the “hit-to-lead” process
  • Computational studies providing new insights into the synthesis of potential drugs
  • Structure-based marine-derived drug design

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