Marine Toxins

A section of Marine Drugs (ISSN 1660-3397).

Section Information

This section of Marine Drugs aims to provide a comprehensive and advanced publication platform for chemical and/or pharmacological studies on marine-derived toxins.


  • Marine toxins inspiring new drugs
  • Venoms from marine animals
  • Toxins from marine plants
  • Toxins from marine invertebrates
  • Toxins from seafoods
  • Detection and quantification of marine toxins
  • Structure elucidation of marine toxins
  • Omics studies on marine toxins
  • Bioactivity analysis of marine toxins
  • Therapeutical potential of marine toxins
  • Marine chemocology and marine toxins bioaccumulation
  • Emerging marine toxins

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Special Issues

Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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