Structural Studies on Marine Natural Products

A section of Marine Drugs (ISSN 1660-3397).

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This Section of Marine Drugs focuses on novel articles and reviews reporting on the isolation, structure elucidation and bioactivity assays of natural products from the marine resources, including marine-derived macro- and microorganisms as well as marine plants (e.g., algae, seagrasses, phytoplankton and mangroves).

The correct characterization of the constituents of extracts obtained from marine resources is key scientific information; thus, the journal will not accept papers reporting only the activity of extracts but lacking any chemical characterization of their components or isolation of previously described compounds from new sources without any relevant biological or pharmacological activity. For details, please check the following information: “Correct Identification of Natural Products” (


  • Isolation and structure elucidation of marine natural products and analogues
  • Novel methods and technologies, including computational calculations and simulations, for isolation, structure elucidation and determination of absolute stereochemistry of marine natural products and analogues

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