24–28 April 2023, Antalya, Turkey
The 39th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment

Now in its 60th Anniversary year, ISRSE is the longest-standing international conference of its kind, and in the wake of a global pandemic and extreme climate conditions worldwide, ISRSE-39 is focusing on sustainability with the theme "From Human needs to SDGs."

In this inspiring time for the space sector and the importance of helping to realise the timely delivery of the SDGs, ISRSE-39 offers a unique opportunity for in-depth, cross-disciplinary exchanges between key public and private sectors organizations and leading actors in the field of satellite-observing systems, remote sensing applications and information services. A global event, the symposium places a strong emphasis on practical applications and societal outcomes—at local, national and regional levels. ISRSE is widely acknowledged to be one of the most significant gatherings of the international remote sensing community. The Symposium attracts senior staff of space agencies and international Earth observation programmes and thereby provides a global overview of advances in Earth observation and the consequential societal benefits.

The conference location, Antalya, Türkiye, is a crossroads of ancient and modern civilizations and an ideal setting for a timely international exchange on the contribution of remote sensing to societal resilience during the 21st century.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) disease affected over 100 countries in a matter of weeks. The way humans live and work on planet Earth has changed profoundly over the last two years. Many lives and livelihoods have been lost. The world is experiencing one of the most transformative moments of the previous 100 years. The social, economic and political influences of the COVID-19 crisis have already been hugely momentous, and we do not completely understand them. Looking ahead, we have inevitably had to make important public health, economic, governance and ecological decisions with less information than usual and reverse recently adopted policies, which can lead to an era of disruptive transformations to sustainability. During these historical times, we must understand the hidden reality of the earth system and attempt to transform our needs so that we all have a sustained future on our planet.

UpToDate Technologies, which includes remote sensing and other related sciences at the ISRSE-39 symposium, will bring together scientists, technologists and environmental users to help us understand and cope with the latest developments in our environment.

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