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4 April–26 September 2024 Landscape and Heritage of the Ciudad Universitaria: EXPLORING THE ARCHIVES

Madrid, Spain

In 2027, Ciudad Universitaria, the main campus of the Madrid Region celebrates its 100th anniversary, an event that will be preceded by a series of cultural, institutional and academic events linked to its history, its legacy and its future. As part of these events, a series of critical meetings have been planned to debate the heritage, the landscape and the architecture of the Ciudad Universitaria campus, the challenges they face and the opportunities they offer.

The first of these events will be a series of research seminars on the main architectural archives that document the buildings and urban planning of the Ciudad Universitaria campus: the archive of the Historical Service of the Architects Association of Madrid (COAM), the archive of the ETSAM Madrid School of Architecture, and the historical archive of the Complutense University. The main objective is to investigate and disseminate documentary collections of tremendous value, which will undoubtedly be of great use in the debate on the cultural heritage of the Ciudad Universitaria campus in its centenary.

The meeting is coordinated by Nicolas Marine in collaboration with Architects Association of Madrid (COAM), Fundación Arquitectura, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Complutense University of Madrid, and will take place throughout 2024.

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