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This section of Journal of Personalized Medicine aims to rapidly publish high-quality, peer-reviewed, evidence-based contributions, which advance the field of personalized medical care through the understanding of underlying biological mechanisms.

As medical science has advanced, and new and novel treatments have been developed for medical diseases, it has come to be appreciated that many, if not most, diseases and patients are heterogenous. The clinical symptoms which define disease are, many times, linked to different pathophysiological processes that may not be immediately obvious in the clinical setting, making the optimal treatment for an individual patient uncertain, leading to a suboptimal trial and error treatment process. Complementary to the disease is the patient who may respond to certain treatments more optimally than other treatments. Understanding the underlying biology of disease and individual patient variation may improve care for patients, leading to more optimal outcomes. Furthermore, understanding underlying disease processes can lead to the development of biomarkers which can predict disease, so preventive measures can be implemented.

Personalized medicine spans a wide variety of medical fields, including, but not limited to, atopic disease, cardiac disease, dermatology, gastrointestinal disorders, genetics, gynecology/obstetrics, hematology, immune disorders, infectious disease, metabolic disease, neonatology, nephrology, neurology, neurodevelopment, oncology, psychiatry, psychology, pulmonology, and urology, among others. Both traditional and novel techniques are used to investigate biological mechanisms, including genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and advanced imaging. As the complexity of disease is being appreciated, the importance of the interaction of host biological processes with environmental, dietary, lifestyle, and socioeconomic factors is being uncovered. Advanced analysis techniques are key to unraveling the complexity of disease. Thus, this section is aimed at promoting the cutting-edge scientific research which considers these factors to advance the field of personalized and precision medicine.

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