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Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is a section focused on generation and integration in an interdisciplinary and systematic approach of scientific evidence from clinical and non-clinical research, including basic science, observational studies, clinical trials, and systematic reviews and meta-analyses, providing a scientific exchange and framework for evidence-based clinical decision and policymaking.


  • Methodologically sound and up-to-date evidence syntheses on topics in general medicine, including systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and umbrella reviews;
  • Perspective, debate, analysis, and opinion papers on relevant topics in EBM;
  • Implementation of clinical epidemiology and EBM principles in personalized medicine;
  • Step-by-step and practical guidelines and methodological papers in EBM;
  • Novel and practical tools for implementing and teaching EBM in medical education and clinical practice;
  • Examples of good practice in EBM.

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