Topical Advisory Panel

Topical Advisory Panel Members (33)

MRC Centre for Global Disease Analysis, Imperial College London, London, UK
Interests: mycoses; antifungal drug resistance; epidemiology; genomics; human health
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Institute of Evolutionary Biology, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
Interests: bacterial-fungal interactions; evolution and ecology of basal fungal lineages (especially Mucoromycotina); taxonomy and systematics
Botany Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, 31527 Tanta, Egypt
Interests: plant molecular biology and biotechnology; plant biostimulants; plant-microbe interactions; mycorrhizal fungi and plants; biological control of diseases; abiotic and biotic stresses; heavy metals and phytoremediation; antimicrobials; secondary metabolites and antioxidants; natural products; genetics and molecular phylogeny; plant and microbial omics
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Dr. Helmut J.F. Salzer
Department of Pulmonology, Kepler University Hospital, Linz, Austria
Interests: chronic pulmonary aspergillosis; CPAnet; endemic mycoses causing pulmonary disease; mycobacterial diseases
Department of Food Biotechnology, Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology, IATA-CSIC, Avda. Catedrático Agustín Escardino, 7, 46980 Paterna, Valencia, Spain
Interests: Penicillium spp.; postharvest; fungal control; fungicide resistance; virulence/pathogenesis; signal transduction pathways; host–pathogen interaction; synthetic biology
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Center for Discovery and Innovation, Hackensack Meridian Health, Nutley, NJ, USA
Interests: Candida auris; Candida spp.; healthcare-associated infections; antifungal susceptibility testing; antifungal drug resistance mechanisms; molecular diagnostics of fungal pathogens
Dr. Volker Rickerts
Robert Koch Institut, 13353 Berlin, Germany
Interests: identification of fungi in tissue samples; epidemiology of cryptococcosis
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Dr. Ahn-Heum Eom

Biology Education, Korea National University of Education, Cheongju, Korea
Interests: ecology and systematics of mycorrhizal and endophytic fungi; mutualistic relationships between Plants and fungi
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, 80539 Munich, Germany
Interests: Stachybotrys; MALDI-TOF MS; mykotoxins; veterinary medicine
Laboratory for Integrated Molecular Plant Physiology Research (IMPRES), Department of Biology, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium
Interests: climate change; abiotic and biotic stresses; plant–environment interactions at various scales spanning from genes-to-plants-to-ecosystems; functional analysis of mycorrhiza and endophytes; secondary metabolites and antioxidants
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Department of Comparative Biochemistry and Bioanalytics, Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
Interests: biochemistry; protein purification; proteins; fungi
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Departamento de Genética y Microbiología, Facultad de Biología, Universidad de Murcia, 30100 Murcia, Spain
Interests: RNA silencing mechanism in fungus; mucorales; antifungal resistance and virulence; fungal genetics and genomics
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Dr. John Dearnaley
School of Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Springfield, Australia
Interests: mycorrhizal fungi; serendipitaceae; sustainable agriculture; endophytic fungi; bioactives discovery
Laboratory of Genetics, Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Interests: A. fumigatus; azole resistance; Evolutionary genetics; fungal genetics; fungal lifecycle
College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1065, USA
Interests: antifungal pharmacotherapy; candidiasis; antifungal prophylaxis
1. Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Sassari, 07100 Sassari, Italy
2. Hospital Pharmacy, Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria di Sassari, 07100 Sassari, Italy
Interests: antimicrobial resistance in nosocomial clinical microorganisms; infection; antimicrobial activity; essential oils; biofilm; biomaterials; ocular infections; orthopeadics infections
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Área de Biodiversidad y Conservación, Dpto. Biología & Geología, Física y Química Inorgánica, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Departamental II-203, Campus de Móstoles, c/ Tulipán s/n, E-28933 Móstoles, Madrid, Spain
Interests: lichen forming fungi; taxonomy; evolution; phylogeny; lichenicolous fungi
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FISAPLANT Group, Departamento de Bioloxía, Facultade de Ciencias, Universidade da Coruña, Campus de A Coruña, E-15071 A Coruña, Spain
Interests: plant resistance to fungi and oomycetes; Verticillium dahliae; Botrytis cinerea; Fusarium oxysporum; Phytophthora capsici; plant signalling in resistance; induced resistance; plant phenolics; plant–microbe interactions; tomato spotted wilt virus
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Laboratory of Chemistry of Natural Substances and Food Sciences (LCSNSA), University of Reunion, F-97490 Sainte-Clotilde, Reunion Island, France
Interests: fermentation; industrial biotechnology; marine fungi; fungal pigments; anthraquinones; chemistry of lipids; biodiesel
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Faculty of Medicine Medical Microbiology Department, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey
Interests: Medical mycology; Candida; Aspergillus; fungemia; cystic fibrosis; antifungal resistance
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