10–12 April 2024, Catania, Italy
35th European Cetacean Society Conference

Welcome to the 35th annual European Cetacean Society Conference that will place in Catania (Sicily Island, Italy) in the Central Mediterranean Sea. This conference is being organized by the Marecamp Association of the University of Catania and the Ciminiere of the Metropolitan City of Catania.

The conference theme is "Marine mammals and human activities: How to achieve the sustainable development of coastal areas".

This is a common concern of many other coastal regions, where the attention of the scientific community, local authorities, and citizens on marine mammals is essential, especially in areas that are not yet protected such as the Gulf of Catania, requiring urgent measures. You can follow this conference using the link below and please also feel free to browse the relevant MDPI Topic “Anthropic Impacts in Marine Coastal Waters: Assessment, Case Studies and Solutions”.

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