Cryptography and Cryptology

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Section Information

The section of Cryptography and Cryptology is one of the three core parts of the Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy, which is dedicated to original results of all areas of modern information security. Both cryptography and cryptology are included, covering information theoretic and integration fundamentals, in aspects of applications, implementations, standards, and related issues. The section includes topics and areas, such as algorithms, schemes, implementations, attacks, number theory, protocols, privacy, authentication, key management, pseudo-random sequences, etc. Full technical articles, surveys, tutorials, case studies, and reviews are also published. Focusing in all aspects of both industry and academia, research, and development results, the section is an excellent choice for readers, which would like to be informed for modern aspects, cutting edge technologies, and future directions, in all aspects of cryptographic engineering and cryptology science.

  • Supports an open forum of novel results in all aspects of cryptography and cryptology.
  • Provides knowledge and solution in all areas of cryptographic engineering and cryptanalysis, with theoretical and practical perspectives.
  • Includes, but not limited to, applications, implementations, protocols, and standards.


  • Anonymity and untraceability
  • Applications
  • Attacks
  • Authentication
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Cryptographic engineering
  • Cryptographic hardware
  • Cryptographic primitives
  • Cryptographic standards
  • Cryptography
  • Cryptography-supported democracy
  • Cryptology
  • Digital money
  • Digital rights
  • Digital signatures
  • e-Government cryptography
  • Embedded systems and cryptography
  • Ethical implications
  • Evaluation and validation
  • Fault attacks

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