Nuclear Medicine & Radiology

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Section Information

This section of the Journal of Clinical Medicine aims to publish original papers and reviews dealing with the clinical applications of nuclear medicine procedures (including synthesis and animal studies with new radiopharmaceuticals) and of radiological procedures (including traditional radiology, ultrasound, CT, and MRI).

The higher the clinical impact of the article, the higher the chance to be accepted for publication.

There are several other journals in the field of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology that publish all kinds of papers, ranging from results of basic research to clinically oriented studies, animal studies, and papers dedicated to software and hardware. The Journal of Clinical Medicine publishes exclusively clinically oriented papers and new methodologies with potential high clinical impact. As the audience of the Journal of Clinical Medicine is vast, with readers from several different medical disciplines, we appreciate manuscripts with easy explanatory introductions that clearly present the state of the art and the clinical impact of the study.

We therefore welcome your submissions to the Journal of Clinical Medicine, in the section Nuclear Medicine and Radiology.

Subject Areas

  • Radiopharmacy;
  • Diagnostic nuclear medicine (SPECT, PET and hybrid imaging);
  • Therapeutic nuclear medicine;
  • Dosimetry;
  • Radiomics;
  • Artificial intelligence in radiology;
  • Conventional radiology;
  • Ultrasound imaging;
  • CT diagnosis;
  • MRI diagnosis (including neuroradiology);
  • Radiation therapy;
  • Radio-guided surgery;
  • Others.

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