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Dear Colleagues,

Clinical psychology is one of the main theoretical–applicative branches of psychology. It includes the scientific study and the applications of psychology with regard to understanding, prevention, and intervention in individual, family, and group psychological and relational problems, including the management of many forms of psychopathology.

Central aspects are psychodiagnostics and psychotherapeutic intervention, which represents a specialized development aimed above all at taking charge of situations where there is a structured psychopathology.

Among the thematic nuclei of operational interest and clinical research, some can be exemplified as the prevention (primary and secondary) of personal discomfort; early identification and diagnosis of psychopathological risks; the cognitive, affective-emotional, psychosocial, behavioral, personality, social, and cultural factors that are at the origin of the disturbances or maintain the condition of discomfort; emotions and their regulation in relation to health and disease, with specific regard to affective dysregulations; the methods of clinical management of different types of individual, couple, family, and group disorders; the various forms of individual, couple, family, and group psychological counseling; the improvement of the effectiveness of psychodiagnostic techniques; the methods of managing emotional, relational or decision-making situations that arise in various life stages and contexts; the promotion of individual psychosocial wellbeing and in social contexts; the design of effective forms of psychological and psychosocial rehabilitation; and the assessment of the effectiveness of aid interventions and health prevention and promotion programs in different social contexts.

Modern clinical psychology is based on the evidence of scientific research and clinical experience and takes an interdisciplinary approach, also making use of the cognitive contributions of other psychological disciplines (in particular, cognitive psychology, psychology and dynamics, psychology of personality and differential psychology, psychology, neuropsychology clinical, social and group psychology, psychometrics) and nonpsychological, such as epidemiology, physiology, evaluative research, health sociology, etc.

Our journal will gather experiences from clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians from different areas and countries to acquire new perspectives in the vision and therapy of disorders that clinical psychology and developmental psychopathology deal with.

We sincerely welcome your submission to Journal of Clinical Medicine. Our readers are waiting for your contribution to Clinical Psychology.

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clinical psychology; psychodiagnostics and psychotherapeutic intervention; food disorders; attachment; anxiety; self-esteem; depression; personality; sleep; emotions; mental disorders

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