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Traumatic brain injury refers to brain damage resulting from external forces, a very common condition in patients with central nervous system (CNS) diseases. The current treatments have yet to yield any significant improvements. Medical care for brain injuries consists of prevention, prehospital emergency care, initial medical care, surgery, neuro-intensive care, and rehabilitation. Brain injuries can be classified into primary and secondary brain injuries. Medical interventions for primary brain injuries are very complex. Therefore, secondary brain injuries are the main target of treatment, but the pathophysiology of brain injuries is much more complex than other types of neuroemergency diseases (stroke etc.), and it is necessary to accurately assess the pathophysiology of each patient.

This section will cover articles on a wide range of topics related to brain injuries, including medical care, improving prognosis, and elucidating pathophysiology. Specifically, we are looking for clinical articles related to brain injuries on topics such as their causes, prevention, first aid, prehospital care, emergency room care, surgery, neurocritical care, rehabilitation, regenerative medicine, epidemiology, guidelines, and pathophysiology. Articles that include both clinical and basic research are also welcome. In addition, we will also accept articles regarding other types of brain injury (caused by heat stroke and other conditions), which have increased in recent years.

Our journal will gather experiences from neurosurgeons, emergency physicians, intensivists, rehabilitation physicians, public health physicians, clinical psychologists, and other specialists from different areas and countries to acquire new perspectives in the vision and therapy of brain injuries.

We sincerely welcome your submission to the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Our readers are waiting for your contributions to the field of brain injury.

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