26–28 October 2023, Valencia, Spain
26th European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER) Congress

Dear scientists, researchers, and authors,

We are pleased to announce the 26th EVER Congress, which will be held from 26th to 28th October 2023 at the Valencia Conference Center.

The European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER) is the leading ophthalmological research association in Europe that covers all areas of ophthalmology and visual sciences.

One of the main activities of EVER is the organizing of a high-quality research meeting every year at a location chosen for its access and congress facilities.

The 2022 EVER Congress was a great success, with 846 attendees, 50 represented countries, and 495 posters.

EVER Congress 2023 will provide a perfect environment for promoting the best research on vision, the retina, and the eye, bringing together clinical, translational, and basic science in a very beautiful, welcoming, and dynamic city.

The programme looks very exciting, with 57 Special Interest Symposia and 13 Courses intermingled with free paper, young investigator, poster, and rapid-fire sessions.

 There will be eight keynote lectures delivered by outstanding researchers in our field:

  • Prof. Isabelle Audo, Paris, France.
  • Prof. Jose-Alain Sahel, Pittsburg, USA.
  • Prof. Yvonne Ou, San Francisco, USA.
  • Prof. Marcela Votruba, Cardiff, UK.
  • Prof. Frank Schaeffel, Tubbingen, Germany.
  • Prof. Marie José Tassignon, Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Prof. Manuel Vidal Sanz, Murcia, Spain.
  • Prof. Hannu Uusitalo, Tampere, Finland.

Opportunities to Play Your Role in the 26th EVER Congress

EVER invites you to challenge the field of ocular and vision research by submitting innovative and exciting abstracts for poster or free paper presentations to one of the eleven sections that cover all areas of ophthalmology and visual sciences.

Have a look at the EVER sections below if you are interested in submitting:

ACB: Anatomy/Cell Biology.
COS: Cornea/Ocular Surface.    
EOVS: Electrophysiology/Physiological Optics/Vision Sciences.
G: Glaucoma.
IM: Immunology/Microbiology.
LC: Lens and Cataract.
MBGE: Molecular Biology Genetics and Epidemiology.
NSPH: Neuro-Ophthalmology/Strabismology/Paediatric Ophthalmology/History of Ophthalmology.         
PO: Pathology/Oncology.           
PBP: Physiology/Biochemistry/Pharmacology.  
RV: Retina/Vitreous.

Important Dates

Opening abstract submission: 3 April 2023.
Deadline abstract submission: 30 May 2023.

To register for the congress, submit your abstract, or obtain any further information, you can visit the official website at

To learn more about EVER, please see

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