14 March 2023
Recruiting Topical Advisory Panel Members for Inventions

We are currently recruiting Topical Advisory Panel Members for Inventions (ISSN: 2411-5134, tracked for 2022 IF). Your responsibility would be to regularly provide support to Guest Editors and Editorial Board Members. More information is available at the following link: The aims and scope of the journal can be found on the following website:

The benefits of becoming a Topical Advisory Panel Member include the following:

  • The opportunity to publish one paper in multidisciplinary engineering per year at a discount, as well as potential discounts for additional papers you invite;
  • A certificate of recognition of your position;
  • Additional sponsorships for conferences organized by Topical Advisory Panel Members of Inventions;
  • Travel grants for conferences that you attend or organize. 

The main responsibilities of new members of the Topical Advisory Panel are as follows:

  • Providing regular reviews of manuscripts;
  • Setting up at least one Special Issue (SI) in partnership with a senior researcher within two years of your appointment, with the topic of the proposal being within the scope of Inventions;
  • Providing a strategy plan for the SI, including assisting in preparing the Special Issue’s/topic’s title, aim and scope, summary, and keywords, as well as soliciting papers for and promoting the SI;
  • Promoting our journal at conferences, social media, and other relevant platforms. 

To qualify as a Topical Advisory Panel Member, applicants must:

  • Have expertise and experience in a field related to the journal;
  • Have published at least six papers in the last five years as a first author or a corresponding author;
  • Currently hold an independent research position in academia or a government institute. 

Each year, members’ performance is evaluated, and outstanding members are promoted to the Editorial Board by the Editor-in-Chief. Please contact the Editorial Office ( or visit the following link to submit your application:

Inventions Editorial Office

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