Insect Systematics, Phylogeny and Evolution

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The section “Insect Systematics, Phylogeny and Evolution” is focused on understanding the evolutionary histories and biodiversity of insects and other arthropods. The emphasis is on advances in our understanding of the evolutionary relationships amongst diverse insect taxa, including intraspecific characterisations and the diversification of lineages through time. The tools used to learn about their systematics, phylogeny, and evolution include studying comparative and developmental morphology, life histories and behaviour, adaptations, paleobiology, phylogeography, population genetics, molecular phylogenetics, mitogenomics, and phylogenomics. Manuscripts with more of an emphasis on understanding the molecular functions rather than evolutionary relationships would be better suited to the section Insect Molecular Biology and Genomics.


  • insect biodiversity and species diversification
  • taxonomy and classification
  • phylogenetic systematics
  • evolutionary reconstructions

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