Insect Pest and Vector Management

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The Section “Insect Pest and Vector Management” covers all aspects of research focusing on the development of tools and methods for mitigation of arthropod pests, including pathogen vectors. The Section welcomes investigations dealing with all crops and commodities, including those relating to forestry, urban and stored product environments, or pests affecting humans and/or livestock. Mechanism-driven investigations that elucidate modes of action of pest control methods and tools, as well as interactions between pests and their environment, are encouraged. Investigations that evaluate a particular pest management tool should endeavor to explain how that tool affects crop damage via effects on pest density, crop suitability and acceptability to the pest, and/or the time of interaction between the pest and crop. Economically driven investigations within the framework of the basic principles of integrated pest management are also encouraged. A broad spectrum of topics will be covered, including cultural and biological control, plant tolerance and resistance, chemical control, and biorational pesticide alternatives, such as semiochemicals, entomopathogens, and other biopesticides. Investigations spanning the fundamental–applied science continuum are welcome, ranging from purely field-driven research to the development of methods and applications of biotechnology.

For manuscripts related to plants or natural compounds, please include:
(1) Active ingredients or constituents of the plant (either determined or presented) and its toxicity;
(2) Development of LD50 or LC50 values for the extracts;
(3) Comparison of the extract toxicity against some standard currently used insecticides;
(4) A field-based test to complement the laboratory toxicity investigation.


  • monitoring
  • economic threshold, injury level
  • pest ecology
  • biocontrol
  • insect toxicology
  • behavioral manipulations
  • integrated resistance management
  • arthropod–pathogen interactions
  • regulatory practices and quarantine
  • predator–prey interactions
  • classical, augmentation, and conservation biological control
  • pesticide resistance

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